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Pleroma is an open source software for federated micro-blogging, analogous to but distinct from Twitter.

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  • Backups
  • TLS/SSL Certificates
  • World-wide CDN to ensure fast delivery of your content to all corners of the world
  • Custom-domains - Use your own domain for your instance
  • Managed Instance - No worrying about updating your instance or any other maintenance


  • Can I pay yearly?
    • Yes, please contact and yearly payments can be arranged, please note due to keeping prices as low as possible there is no discount for paying yearly vs monthly.
  • Can I migrate to/from another hosted service?
    • Yes! Please contact and we'd be happy to assist in moving to/away from our service
  • Are the limits on users a hard limit?
    • While the number of users per plan is an upper limit, each plan has a certain limit of resources dedicated to it and some especially active users on your instance may utilize a significant portion of these resources. So if you find posts from remote instances being slow to show up on your instance, or it takes a while for your posts to send out, you may need to upgrade to the next plan. Please contact support first as any slowness may be unrelated.
  • What do Storage Limits mean?
    • Storage is split between uploaded media and the database. The database size is limited to 5% of total storage, and the remainder is for uploaded media and remote cache storage (which is trimmed weekly)
  • I need an even bigger instance
€16 a month

Pleroma Instance